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Frequently Asked Questions

We formulated Zoki Body Care to work as effectively as targeted skincare solutions you’d use for your face—which means unlike most anti-aging body products, our formula isn’t diluted with water, oils, or butters. In fact, Zoki Anti-Aging Body Lotion contains the same levels of actives you’d find in your favourite peptide face creams.

Results will vary depending on your skin type, frequency of use, other products in your skincare regimen, and even your lifestyle—but after one week of daily application, most of our customers notice some visible improvement in the lines, texture, and overall appearance of their skin.

Our products are formulated for all skin types.

We formulated our body lotion to target visible signs of aging that women start experiencing in their late 30s to early 40s—but it’s never “too early” to start preventative care, nor is it “too late” to start targeting lines, wrinkles, sagging, and dullness. Every body deserves body care that works. 

Yes: you can use our body lotion on your face (avoiding the eye area), too. Please note that our formula contains a light fragrance, so if you’re sensitive to scents, use this lotion on skin from the neck down.

Yes! We’re proud to be a 100% cruelty-free brand.

Yes. Zoki Hyaluronic Body Lotion with Peptides is vegan.

We’re well aware that “clean” holds no one clear definition, which is why we’re happy to leave that label up to you. Our body lotion is packed with high-performance botanical extracts and actives that have been shown to work, and none of the ingredients we don’t need. It’s vegan,cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. The full ingredient list can be referenced on our product page, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach us at

Yes. If you are sensitive to or particular about fragrances but still want to try our lotion, we suggest testing it on a small area (like the inside of your wrist or elbow) first. If you do experience any reaction, contact our customer service team ASAP at info@zokibodycare for a full refund.

All information can be found on the individual product pages, but you can always email us with any questions at